UNSC hails Algeria’s efforts for Mali peace

img The UN Security Council on Monday welcomed the start of the inter-Malian negotiation peace process in Algiers on July 16, meant to achieve a comprehensive peace agreement and end the crisis in Mali. “The Security Council commends the facilitation role played by Algeria, at the request of the Malian authorities, in the launching of these formal peace talks and in convening the Government of Mali and the signatory and adherent armed groups of the Ouagadougou Agreement,” the Council President Eugene-Richard Gasana, of Rwanda, said in a presidential statement.

The Council also commended the parties for the “constructive dialogue and discussions” held in Algiers between July 16 and 24, leading to the consensual adoption of the roadmap by the parties.

It called on them to “fully comply with the commitments outlined in that roadmap, including by engaging in the upcoming comprehensive peace talks scheduled to begin also in Algiers on August 17. “The Security Council underscores the importance of an inclusive and Credible negotiation process open to all communities of the North of Mali, with the goal of securing a durable political resolution to the crisis and long-term peace and stability throughout the country, respecting the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Malian State,” the statement said.

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