Mali govt hails draft agreement for peace in Mali

The Malian Government hailed Wednesday, in a communiqué, the quality of “draft agreement for peace and national reconciliation in Mali,” developed by the mediation team in October, describing it as a “step” towards the conclusion of a definitive peace agreement.

The continuation of the Inter-Malian inclusive peace negotiations from 20 to 27 November in Algiers aimed at collecting the viewpoints and the consolidated proposals of the parties on the document drawn up by the mediation team, where Algeria is the leading mediator, said the source.

“The Government of the Malian Republic hailed the quality of the draft agreement for peace and national reconciliation in Mali, which was presented to him and which constitutes a step towards the conclusion of a peace agreement,” said the communiqué.

The aforesaid document was subject to a “wide diffusion” among the Malian institutions and the active forces of the Malian nation by the government which collected the contributions of the different components of the society, said the communiqué.

The Malian Government seized the opportunity to extend its “warm thanks” to the mediation team for its “ongoing commitment” to the Malian people.

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