International coalition to launch support mission for Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said Friday the international forces would launch a new mission in Afghanistan to provide support and consultations for the local forces.

The beginning of next year will witness the launch of non-combat operations of international forces in Afghanistan, which means the mandate of these troops will be restricted on providing support and advice for the Afghan forces, who will be responsible for combat missions, Ghani told a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ghani commended the German role in the training of Afghan security forces.

“Germany has always been an important partner in the path of stability of security conditions in Afghanistan, as well as supporting the Afghan economy,” he added.

He thanked Merkel for her government’s support of the new Afghan government, boosting the rule of law, fighting corruption and drug trafficking.

Asked about ties with China, Ghani said China was neighbor that felt the cross-border terrorist threats. He said the two countries were preparing a full-fledged security plan to counter terrorism and help the Afghan economy.

Merkel affirmed that Germany would continue its support to Afghanistan following the withdrawal of combat forces by end of this year.

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