Algeria, Senegal discuss bilateral relations

A new era is open in the bilateral relations between Algeria and Senegal following Senegalese President Macky Sall’s four-day state visit to Algeria, during which a boost was given to the multidimensional relations between the two countries.
President Sall, during his stay in Algiers and the visits he made to other Algerian provinces, stressed the willingness showed by his country and Algeria to inaugurate a new era, to “develop a win-win partnership and a more sustained global exchange.”
Belonging to the same continent and sharing the same religion, the two countries, according to President Sall, have decided to “boost their relations, giving them an economic and commercial dimensions, and to undertake more sustained global exchange.”

For President Sall, Algerian-Senegalese cooperation “should be rethought and open to Algerian public and private sectors to allow them investing in Senegal,” mainly as part of socio-economic development projects under the Senegal Emergent Plan.”

One of the first fruits of the willingness to give a fresh impetus to Algerian-Senegalese exchanges was the signing of an agreement to create a joint venture.

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