Egyptian officials meet with Libyan tribe

The foreign minister assistant for neighbouring countries Osama Al-Magdoub, and the Egyptian ambassador in Libya Mohamed Abu Bakr, met representatives from the Libyan tribe Awlad Solieman in Cairo on Sunday.
“The meeting aims at keeping track of the security situation in Libya, especially in the southern part,” the foreign ministry announced in an Sunday statement. The ministry added it is important to maintain security in Libya and keep citizens alert of any potential threats made by “terror” groups in some parts of Libya.
The meeting is part of a series of talks between the Egyptian officials and their Libyan counterparts, including tribal groups.
Earlier this month, 20 Egyptians, all of them Christian, were kidnapped in two separate incidents.
Ten more Egyptians went missing in Libya near the city of Beni Walid, according to their families in Egypt.

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