Egyptian closes Yemen embassy after violence erupts

Egypt closed its embassy in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Monday, as some of the worst violence to flare up in months engulfed the city. The fighting began on Monday, as gun battles between Houthi militias and the national army erupted in the proximity of the presidential palace the same day.
The Houthis are a Shi’a rebel movement that took control of large parts of Sanaa in September, and also holds other territories in the country particularly in the north. The Houthis, who have been clashing with the presidential guards, are demanding greater influence in the design of a new constitution for the Sunni-majority country.
Fighting around the presidential palace is ongoing, and Houthi militias have also surrounded the prime minister’s residence. The Houthi militias have also taken control of the state television network and the official SABA news agency, Information Minister Nadia Sakkaf told the Associated Press. However, an immediate ceasefire was later announced by the Interior Minister Jalal Al-Rowaishan.
According to Yemen’s Ministry of Health, nine individuals died and 67 were injured in the fighting.
Despite the ceasefire, the Egyptian embassy, its military, cultural and press offices and the Egyptian school in Yemen have all been shut, Egypt’s ambassador in Yemen Youssef al-Sharkawi told Aswat Masriya.

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