Egypt court condmens 183 Brotherhood supporters to death

An Egyptian court on Monday upheld the death sentences of 183 Muslim Brotherhood supporters convicted of killing 13 people during violence in 2013 after the ouster of the country’s first Islamist President Mohamed Morsy.
The court, in its judgment on 188 defendants who were given death in a preliminary verdict in December’s mass trial, acquitted two of them and dropped charges against two who were dead. One child defendant got ten years in prison.
The remaining 183 were given death, 35 of them were sentenced in absentia, for attacking a police station near Cairo which claimed the lives of 11 policemen and two civilians.
The December’s ruling was referred to Egypt’s Grand Mufti, who, according to Egyptian law, must review capital punishments and decide whether to accept or not. The Mufti issued the statement confirming the death sentences.
The court found the defendants accused of attacking the Kerdasa police station on August 14, 2013, the same day when security forces dispersed two Brotherhood protest sit-in camps in Cairo and Giza, killing hundreds of people.
The defendants were also accused of killing, attempt to murder, possessing weapons and torching police cars.
Since the ouster of Islamist ex-President Mohamed Morsy in 2013, the Egyptian government has been cracking down on the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters.

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