US, Egyptian Defence Ministers discuss security cooperation

Egyptian Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi and his American counterpart Ash Carter reaffirmed late Tuesday “their shared commitment to strengthening the security partnership between Egypt and the United States,” said the Pentagon spokesman.
Carter expressed condolences to Egypt for victims of a recent attack on Egyptian nationals in Libya, in a phone call with Sobhi, said Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby in a statement.
Twenty abducted Egyptians were beheaded at the hands of militants believed to belong to the Libya division of the Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria, in a video released last week.

The U.S. Defence Secretary expressed his country’s desire to cooperate with Egypt to “meet security challenges.” Sobhi stressed the “need to strengthen global coalitions against terrorism and extremism.”

In response to the Egyptians’ beheadings, Egypt’s air force launched airstrikes on targets in Libya and is making endeavours to rally the international community behind backing a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council to lift an arms embargo on the Libyan government.
The U.S. State Department had stressed last week that it respects countries’ desire to defend themselves, commenting on the airstrikes carried out by the Egyptian air force.

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