UNSC adopts resolution for sanctions on South Sudan

UN Security Council adopted unanimously resolution 2206, imposing sanctions on South Sudan, which has been a scene of internal conflict for months.
UNSC, presided by France for this month, expressed their deep concern in the resolution adopted today, at the failures of both parties to honour their commitments to date, to engage the peace process meaningfully toward political resolution of the crisis, and to bring an end to the violence.
In particular, they condemned the continued and flagrant violations of the Coil Agreements as documented by the IGAD Monitoring and Verification Mechanism.
The resolution also demanded that the parties respect all aspects of the Coil Agreements and immediately implement the necessary modalities in accordance with the May 9 2014 Agreement, and other relevant Agreements, including the progressive withdrawal of foreign forces deployed in South Sudan since mid December 2013.
Furthermore, the Council called upon all parties to armed conflict in South Sudan to issue clear orders prohibiting all violations of international humanitarian law and human rights violations and abuses, and underscored the necessity for all parties to ensure immediate access to humanitarian agencies, and further demanded that the parties commit to finding a comprehensive agreement without further delay.
“No military solution to the conflict,” it also reiterated.
On sanctions designation criteria, the Council underscored its willingness to impose targeted sanctions in order to support the search for an inclusive and sustainable peace in South Sudan.
It also underscored that such actions are not limited to action or policies that have the purpose or effect of expanding or extending the conflict in South Sudan or obstructing reconciliation or peace talks or processes, including breaches of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement, as well as ations or policies that threaten transitional agreements or undermine the political process in South Sudan.

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