Two terrorists killed during tunisian military operation

imgTwo terrorists were killed in the military operation that has been ongoing for three days on the heights of Kasserine, said Spokesman for the Tunisian Ministry of National Defence, Lieutenant-Colonel Belhassen Oueslati.
They are the so-called Hazem Ben Habib Ouertani and Fethi Ben Abdallah Ben Hassine Khélifi, he said on Tuesday.
The military operation was conducted by special forces brigades of the National Army that spotted the places where the terrorists were holed up.

After a fire-fight with this group, the special forces killed two of them, said Lieutenant-Colonel Belhassen Oueslati, noting that two Kalashnikov and Steyr type rifles were seized.

A “major” search operation is conducted on the heights of Kasserine, added lieutenant-colonel Belhassen Oueslati. The operation, which started this morning, is still ongoing, backed by security and National Guard forces, he indicated.

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