NATO says arms supply for Ukraine is an option

imgGeneral Philip Breedlove, Commander of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe of NATO command operations, Sunday said that small arms shipments to Ukraine are still an option.
“I do not think that any tool of the US or any other power should necessarily be off the table,” he told the Brussels Forum, an annual conference organized by The German Marshall Fund of the US and attended by heads of state, officials from the EU and US, parliamentarians, academics and journalists.
“We see diplomatic tools being used, informational tools being used, military tools being used, economic tools being used against Ukraine and so we in the West should consider all of our tools and apply them,” he noted.
On his part , US Democratic Senator Chris Murphy addressed the recent controversy over a letter from some US senators to the government of Iran.
“We take steps that are counterproductive, we insert ourselves for the executive in trying to negotiate directly with foreign powers,” he told the three-day Forum which concluded this afternoon.
“A lot of critics of President Obama say that he is not leading in the world in the way we would like, that he’s not asserting American power in the way that we used to. The irony, of course, is that Congress makes it hard for him to do that,” he added.

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