EP urges intl community to cooperate in fight against Boko Haram

The European Parliament Thursday passed a resolution by 516 votes to 11 strongly condemning the massacres perpetrated by the Boko Haram group in Nigeria.
It urged the Nigerian authorities to do their utmost to end the violence and tackle the root causes of the terrorism, including corruption.
The EP urged Nigeria’s neighbours and the international community to cooperate with efforts to starve Boko Haram of income and prevent it spreading terror abroad.
Everything possible must be done to find and free the 276 girls Boko Haram abducted from the school in Chibok more than a year ago, and the estimated 2,000 more girls and women it has abducted since then, it said.
The EP congratulated Nigeria’s newly-elected President Muhammad Buhari, and called on him to deliver on his campaign promises to devote all his resources into ending Boko Haram’s violence, re-establishing stability and security across the country and tackling the root causes of this terrorism.
In a separate resolution, the EP called on the EU to launch a military training mission in Kenya and supply equipment to the Kenyan army and police to help halt the spread of the Al-Shabaab group from Somalia.
It calls on the EU to in particular address the persecution of Christians. This follows Al-Shabaab’s 2 April attack on Kenya’s Garissa University, which killed 147 Christian students and injured 79 others.
At the same time, the EP condemns and reject misinterpretations of Islam designed to “legitimise” the extermination of Christians.

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