NATO countries to conduct military exercises in Europe over the next two weeks

imgU.S. and NATO partners are escalating their presence of military aircraft, people and ships in Europe for the next two weeks in military exercises that have taken on greater symbolic significance due to the continued Russian advances in East Ukraine.
This year the U.S. is out in force, sending 2,000 military personnel, up from 1,200 last year. Last year two ships were sent; the U.S. sent three for 2015. It’s also sent three B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers, two B-2 stealth bombers and a host of attack aircraft such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon and A-10 Thunderbolt, and cargo and refueler aircraft including the C-130 and KC-135.
In all, between all NATO and partner contributions, there are 49 vessels, 61 aircraft and 5,600 military personnel participating. Last year, it was 30 ships and 52 aircraft.

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