Burkina Faso freezes the assets of the failed coup leader

Burkina Faso Saturday froze the assets of General Diendéré Gilbert, who led a failed coup last week in which his men took the president and prime minister hostage a few weeks before the elections were due.
The prosecutor said in a statement, he also froze the assets of 13 more people suspected of links with the coup and the political party of former President Blaise Compaore and three other parties related to the old leader.
The decision, which applied to the financial and real estate assets, is part of a crackdown against the coup leaders and their supporters collected one day after the cabinet dissolved the presidential elite guard.
Acting President, Michel Kafando also rejected Friday the minister in charge of security and created a commission to identify the perpetrators of the attempted coup.
Kafando was restored to power Wednesday when its leaders returned power despite national and international opposition and the threat of an attack by loyalist forces. In all, 11 people died in protests against the coup.

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