Burkina: the transition continues its hunt for coup

The transition authorities Burkinabe are not content to have arrested General Gilbert Diendéré. Several officers of the RSP suspected of involvement in the coup were also arrested.
Since the dissolution of the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP), several officers were placed under arrest by the police and are being questioned in its “local” Ouagadougou, said a security source. Colonel Boureima Kere Staff, former chief of personal staff of the President, and deemed to be a close general Diendéré Gilbert, was arrested on October 2.
Before him, the captain Dao, often presented as one of the masterminds of the coup, was arrested on September 29, when he had to surrender to loyalist forces. The day before, Zoumbri captain, another alleged instigator of the coup who are not to blame collaborating in the disarmament process, which he had yet borne, was also arrested by the police, while traveling the Council of the agreement.
Three young lieutenants have also been detained. However, the commander Abdul Aziz Korogo, body acting head of the regiment, was heard but do not care for now. After conducting negotiations with loyalist units, he was accused of treason by men and the RSP has cautiously returned to the armed forces. According to a security source, it is “not personally involved in the coup.”

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