Algeria, Sudan welcomes agreement on the formation of the unity government in Libya

imgALGIERS Algeria and Sudan welcomed the announcement by the UN envoy to Libya on an agreement on the formation of a national unity government in Libya, according to a joint statement issued at the end the visit of the Sudanese President Omar Hassan El Bashir to Algeria.
“The two sides welcomed the announcement by the UN envoy to Libya on an agreement on forming a national unity government that capped international efforts especially by two countries in the neighboring countries of Libya mechanism and meetings hosted by Algeria, which included Libyan political parties together in the presence of the UN envoy. “
The two sides also stressed their desire to support the new Libyan government and help the Libyan people to “realize their aspirations to freedom and democracy while preserving the sovereignty of Libya.”
Regarding the Yemeni crisis, the two sides affirmed “the importance of preserving the unity of Yemen and respecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity, calling for a political resolution of the crisis through dialogue in accordance with relevant resolutions Security Council and the support of the legitimate government. ”
The two sides also stressed “the importance of resolving the Syrian crisis through an inclusive political dialogue able to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people and ensure the unity and sovereignty of Syria and its territorial integrity”, expressing their “support for the Special Envoy of the United Nations Staffan de Mistura, and his efforts to reach a consensual political platform.”

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