Boko Haram clash with Cameroon army

Douala – Fighters group Boko Haram in Nigeria clashed with soldiers in neighboring Cameroon Friday after raiding a village in a remote border region that humanitarian groups turns into a war zone.
The militant Islamist fighters attacked Kerala Far North Zone of Cameroon Thursday afternoon, killing at least 12 people, an official said, the same day as a similar raid nearby and a suicide bombing in neighboring Chad.
“They [Boko Haram] kill between three and seven people yesterday and others killed,” the official added.
Cameroon’s army clashed with the attackers on Friday, residents added, but there were no details on casualties.
“We are inflicting a very heavy toll on the side of the Boko Haram sect,” said the colonel Badjeck, spokesman of the army. “I insist strongly that Kerala is not in the hands of Boko Haram.”
Boko Haram Islamist guerrillas were swamps of Lake Chad, which borders Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria meet in a war zone, the agency of the United Nations refugee said last week.
Boko Haram has carried out a brutal campaign of six years for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. After neighboring countries joined an offensive against the group last year, the conflict has spilled across their borders, the displacement of tens of thousands of people.
Boko Haram used depleted Northern Cameroon to build reserves and recruits until the government suppressed the group last year.
Cameroon is also a regional force 8,700 strong led by Nigeria against the militants, which should be operational by the end of the year. The United States is sending military supplies and troops in the Central African countries to help the fight.

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