Mali: the army kills seven jihadists in the region of Mopti

September jihadists were killed Wednesday in clashes with the army in the Mopti region, according to the Malian government.
The head of the Defense Ministry gives the information requested anonymity. According to him, the clashes took place in a wooded area at about thirty kilometers from the border with Burkina Faso, forest Tiébanda, where armed Islamists were trying to install a base.
“The forest is dense Tiébanda. The terrorists wanted to make the place their base to attack Mali and Burkina Faso. They had heavy military equipment. We attackers killed seven and injured ten others. There were no casualties in our ranks, “said the official.
The army reinforcements
The same source, these are the elements of the military Mopti region who conducted the operations against the jihadists. Clashes and balance sheet have also been reported by an official in the governorate Mopti region capital. “Seven jihadists us, we call terrorists, were killed Wednesday in a Malian forest located 30 km from the border with Burkina Faso. The army attacked the base of the terrorists, “he said, also on condition of anonymity.
According to him, warning about the presence of jihadists was given by two young people who had been forcibly recruited and who have managed to escape from the forest. A Malian military source stated simply a reinforcement of the army had been dispatched clashes Thursday in the area, with a mission to help the group to recover.

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