UN official German take place after Libya

The UN Security Council on Friday approved the German official appointment of the UN Martin Kobler that the new UN special envoy for Libya, diplomats said, if we do not know when he would resume mediation Peace talks stalled.
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has informed the Council of 15 members in a letter, seen by Reuters, of its intention to replace the current Bernardino Leon with Ambassador Kobler. But the letter does not specify when Kobler take the role.
A senior UN diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Leon was actually due to leave on November 6, but it could be extended if there was a sudden breakthrough in his mediation efforts.
Libya has fallen into turmoil with its internationally recognized elected government and parliament on one side and a so-called maintenance of Tripoli administration on the other, each supported by regional armed factions, tribal or Islamist.
After months of negotiations, Leon rival factions presented Libya with a proposed unity government, but hardliners on both sides have resisted the power-sharing agreement and talks have stalled.
The conflict has pushed the state of North Africa to the brink of collapse four years after the fall of longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi. The chaos has allowed Islamic militants of state to set foot in the country.
Leon said last week consultations continued with the parties and warned the leaders of small factions not to impede attempts to create an agreement of unity and the peace agreement.
Kobler is no stranger to endure UN jobs. He recently led the peacekeeping mission of the United Nations peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and was also the special envoy of the UN in Iraq and the UN deputy representative in Afghanistan.

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