Egypt's President wraps up visit to London

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi returned to Egypt on Friday after a three-day visit to London where he met with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
During a news conference which was attended only by a journalist from Egypt and one from Britain on Thursday, Cameron defended the UK decision to suspend flights between Britain and the Egyptian red sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh after a Russian airliner crashed in Sinai on Saturday, killing all 224 on board.
El-Sisi said he understood Britain’s concerns.
“We received [British security] teams, we cooperated with them and they checked the security operations – they were happy with that. And we are still ready to co-operate in this particular regard, not necessarily on one airport but on all airports,” Sisi told the conference.
“I have found complete understanding and appreciation of the Egyptian efforts. We talked about the actions needed to make sure that this will not have any negative ramification on the future of tourism in Egypt and that in the soonest time possible we restore the movement of British tourists.”
El-Sisi and Cameron also discussed mutual cooperation and ways to strengthen ties between the two countries, according to Egyptian state-run news agency MENA.
The Egyptian president also met with UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon before heading home.

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