Tunisian Defence minister stresses need for security cooperation with Algeria

Tunisian Defence Minister Farhat Horchani stressed Tuesday “the need for cooperation with Algeria” in the field of fight against terrorism as Tunisia’s security is linked to that of Algeria.
Speaking on the sidelines of the 33rd session of the National Defence Institute, Horchani said that “the cross-border and transcontinental nature of terrorism requires a cooperation with all the countries, including the United States of America.”
He affirmed that “Tunisia doesn’t have the intention of allowing any country to install a base or conduct military operations on its territory under the pretext of fighting the self-proclaimed Islamic State organization (Daesh) in the borders of Tunisia, sovereign country.”
Broaching the fight against terrorism, the Tunisian minister underlined the necessity to establish a security system aimed at dealing with threats facing Tunisia by taking into account the experiences of the countries which suffered from terrorism, added the minister.

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