What are the implications of the Paris attacks?

5d2f132a4dc9fbb5c61c0205a830be19fad26aa8-1447587951-5648706f-620x348French President Francois Hollande described the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday as a declaration of war.
Who’s winning the battle? And what are the implications on security measures, the refugees… us? Are Islamist terrorists succeeding in driving a wedge between religions and cultures?
Tuesday’s edition of TimesTalk will discuss the implications of the worst terrorist attack in Europe in the last 12 years.
Presented by Herman Grech and Mark Micallef, Times Talk is broadcast on TVM on Tuesday at 10.05pm with a repeat on TVM2 on Wednesday at 1.30pm. The programme will be uploaded on timesofmalta.com on Wednesday.

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