South Sudan peace accord in turmoil over Kiir's 28 states

Juba – A group of armed soldiers has urged opposition leaders in South Sudan to force President Salva Kiir to reverse a decree for the establishment of 28 states in the country, The Nile Times has reported.
Kiir announced the states in December, in a move described as “wrong” by those opposed to him as it would thwart efforts to fully implement the country’s compromised deal.
Conflict in the east African country persists, despite a peace deal signed in August 2015 to end an armed conflict of nearly two years between forces loyal to Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, and rebel leader Machar, an ethnic Nuer.
Machar has been urged by a group of armed soldiers to “not waste his time pleasing Slava Kiir” and to stop pushing a peace agreement which has been thrust into turmoil.
According to South Sudan News Agency, opposition leadership in the country has accused Kiir of using “delaying tactics” in order to prevent the implementation of the peace agreement.
Machar has since declared that he will not return to the country’s capital unless Kiir’s decree is revoked.
Kiir has, however, proved that his resolve is unwavering. He maintains that he will not scrap his 28 state expansion plan, claiming that he is fulfilling the country’s “taking towns to people” policy.
In retaliation, Machar has since recalled rebels back to their headquarters in a bid to push Kiir into action.

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