Burkina: the president wants an army "republican, apolitical and operational"

The Burkinabe president, Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, the first civilian to gain power democratically since independence, posted Thursday its intention to form a “republican, apolitical and operational” army in the impoverished West African subscriber to coups.
“In the program I developed, I was very clear: we need a republican army, a non-political and operational army, that is to say provided with means to ensure the safety of Burkina Faso and that of the territory, “he told reporters Kabore, also defense minister, after a long meeting with senior army officers and ministry.
“I came to see the concerns (national armed forces) which are material and organizational (…) and raise the issue of the necessary reform of the army,” said President Kaboré, whose country faces jihadist attacks and remains fragile after the attempted coup of September.
first civilian to be democratically elected in Burkina Faso, Mr. Kaboré took the lead from a country where the voice of the army is almost dominant in politics: since the country’s independence in 1960, six of the eight leaders Burkina Faso are military.
Major reforms are already underway for nearly a year to disconnect the army from politics. A law passed in April forced all military wanting to engage in politics to resign before the army.
In early December, the government set up a Commission of reforms in Burkina Faso forces to prohibit active military from engaging in politics.
Kabore also stressed on Thursday the need to take “into account the intergenerational aspects”, while young officers who particularly frustrates the September coup, want to integrate the management of the armed forces.

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