Mali looks on Algeria's experience for national reconciliation

imgMali seeks to draw on Algeria’s experience in national reconciliation, said Monday in Algiers the president of the Malian High Islamic Council, Mahmoud Mohamed Dicko.
In a statement to the press at the end of his visit to Dar El-Imam in Mohammadia (Algiers), Dicko said that he came “to Algeria to draw on Algeria’s experience in national reconciliation, which allowed restoring peace and stability in the country,” adding that Mali “needs this experience and all Muslim world should take as a model.”
He also hailed Algeria’s role in the restoration of stability in Mali and its solidarity with the Malian people during the crises they witness over the past years.
“Algeria has always played the role of facilitator to restore peace and stability in Mali as well as in the entire Sahel region,” he added.
Dicko said that his visit to Algeria aimed at strengthening the ties of friendship and brotherhood between teh two countries and the two peoples.

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