Algerian security forces killed seven terrorists in Bouira

The seven terrorists killed Wednesday in Bouira by forces of the People’s National Army, have been identified, said Thursday the Algerian Ministry of National Defence in a communiqué.
“As part of the fight against terrorism, the seven criminals eliminated, yesterday 11 May 2016, by an Army detachment near the locality of Moumlil, in the commune of Lakhdaria, in the province of Bouira (1st Military Region), have been identified. Their names are: R. Ali alias Abou El-Abbes, B. Baha-Eddine alias Khetab El-M’sili, M. Ammar alias Ami Chouaib, A. Issa alias Saad El-Blidi, B. Mohamed alias Bouzenad, Z. Lamine alias Abou Aymen and H. Ahcene alias Yasser El-Blidi,” said the communiqué.
“Other Army detachments arrested four individuals supporting terrorist groups in Oran (2nd Military Region) and Boumerdes (1st Military Region),” added the communiqué.
“In Tamanrasset, Bordj Badji Mokhtar and In Guezzam (6th Military Region), Army detachments arrested 26 smugglers, eleven illegal immigrants and recovered a Kalashnikov submachine gun, a quantity of munitions, a truck, eight all-terrain vehicles and 15 tonnes of foodstuffs,” said the Ministry’s communiqué.
“In El-Oued (4th Military Region), an Army detachment intercepted seven illegal Moroccan immigrants, while units of the National Gendarmerie arrested other illegal immigrants of African nationalities in Ain Temouchent (2nd Military Region),” added the communiqué.
“An army detachment arrested, in Mostaganem, two drug traffickers and seized 44 kg of cannabis resin and two cars, while in Tlemcen, units of the National Gendarmerie thwarted an attempt to smuggle 2,400 litres of fuel,” concluded the Ministry’s communiqué.

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