Tunisia arrests eight on terrorism charges

Eight individuals involved in terrorism cases during the week of May 23 to 29, 2016 were arrested by Tunisian security forces.
In a statement, the Interior Ministry confirmed that the National Guard units had conducted 955 raids after consultation of the Public Prosecutor.
The official charges and names of the suspects were not released to the public. Tunisia remains under a state of emergency after Daesh militants from Libya conducted multiple attacks in recent months.
Daesh attacks in Tunisia began on March 7, with a major clash in the border town of Ben Geurdane. Dozens were killed. Shootouts with security forces and suicide attacks have continued in recent months. On May 11, a suicide bomber killed four in Smar, Tunisia, after clashing with the National Guard.
Daesh militants are also involved in smuggling weapons from Libya to Tunisia. A stockpile of machine guns and rocket launchers was uncovered in Ben Geurdane on May 25.
Daesh has a strong presence in Libya, with an operating base in Sirte. Despite errecting a border fence and increasing security patrols, militant activity continues to spill over into Tunisia.

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