EU, US urge Libya factions to cooperate for country's progress

Many nations have encouraged Libya to cooperate to restore the countries oil production and exports to support the rebuilding of Libya.
In a joint statement released on Wednesday, the governments of Germany, France, United Kingdom and the United States, all invited the agreement between Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) head, Mustafa Sanalla, and the NOC board member, Naji El-Maghrabi, to unify the corporation.
In the joint statement, they also talked about the importance of utilizing the Libyan resource wealth to benefit the Libyan people. The governments also stated that willingness to “use, at the request of the Government of National Accord (GNA), all measures set out in UN Security Council Resolution 2146 (2014) to halt the illicit shipment of oil from Libya, and to sanction those who seek to exploit or divert Libya’s oil or wealth.”
It is believed that both, Sanalla and El-Maghrabi, have reunited the NOC, and they are looking forward to starting exporting crude from two of their largest oil ports, Ras Lanoof, and Al-Sedra.

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