Algeria buys warship from China

imgChina delivered a stealth corvette to the Algerian Navy last week, marking a new high in the nation’s export of military ships.
The C28A-class guided missile corvette was commissioned by the Algerian Navy on July 12 at a port of Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group in Shanghai, becoming the third of its kind in the African country’s Navy.
With a displacement of 3,000 metric tons, the 120-meter-long corvette can conduct offshore defense operations and long-distance combat tasks. It is larger than previous warships China has sold to foreign nations, has new equipment, a stealth design and a higher level of automation.
It has a cruise speed of about 30 km/h and an operational range of nearly 10,000 km, according to the report.
The C28A-class corvette, was designed by the Marine Design and Research Institute under China State Shipbuilding Corp. In 2011, it defeated 10 competitors from eight countries for the Algerian Navy contract for three corvettes. The first C28A was delivered in September 2015 and the second this January.

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