Algeria, Nigeria discuss security cooperation

Algerian Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel said Sunday his country and neighbouring Niger share identical views regarding the fights against terrorism and illegal immigration.
“These issues that have been the subject of broad exchange of views and, as usual, our views are totally consistent,” Messahel said.
He made the comments at a press conference following his meeting with Niger’s Minister of State, Minister of Interior, Public Security, Decentralization and Customary and religious Affairs, Mohamed Bazoum.
Messahel said that he broached with Bazoum, the bilateral relations, especially the issues relating to the challenges that “we face in the sub-region, whether they are terrorism, illegal immigration or large trafficking challenges.”
In the face of these challenges, there is a need to strengthen dialogue between the two countries underlining that “they concern everyone and even go past our borders,” he went on.
“When we talk about terrorism and migration, they are issues that are on the agenda of the United Nations.
“Again, we must have a sub-regional strategy so that we could defend our points of view together, whether it is in the UN or in international fora and also with other partners, notably Europeans,” he said.
He added that this meeting was an opportunity to broach regional security issues and to think about acting together “as we have done up until now.”

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