Libyan PM makes visit to Sirte

Libyan Prime Minister, Fayez Serraj paid a visit to the government forces in the city of Sirte who are fighting against IS, local media reported on Thursday.
Serraj was received on Wednesday by the leaders of the forces, who provided him a full explanation of the course of operations in Sirte, which is located some 450 km east of the capital of Tripoli, and the current status of battles.
This was his first visit since the government forces launched an offensive against IS in the city more than three months ago.
Serraj, accompanied by members of the Presidential Council, commended “the heroic and the patriotic role played by the Libyan forces in order to cleanse Sirte city from IS”.
The UN-backed unity government of Libya in May formed a force, mostly composed of militias from the city of Misrata, to fight against the increased IS presence in Sirte.
Backed by U.S airsrikes, the Libyan forces managed to control most of Sirte, with the remaining IS fighters trapped in a small area in the city.
The fierce fighting has, so far, claimed the lives of hundreds of the government fighters, and forced the residents of Sirte to flee to nearby cities.

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