US to provide 6mln USD aid to Libya

The Obama Administration on Thursday announced a pledge of USD six million in humanitarian aid for those displayed from Sirte, north Libya, following the takeover by the so-called Islamic State (IS).
US Secretary of State John Kerry made the announcement which brings the total US contribution to Libya to USD 121 million since 2012.
The funds are expected to “support the operations of the United Nations, and other international and non-governmental organizations to help meet critical needs, including by providing food, safe drinking water, emergency medical care, hygiene kits, and basic household items to conflict-affected people in Sirte and throughout Libya,” a State Department statement said.
The Pentagon has been carrying out airstrikes targeting IS fighters and facilities in Libya since at least August.
“With US and international military support, the Government of National Accord (GNA) is liberating Sirte from Da’esh whose brutality has scarred the city’s population and caused widespread suffering,” the statement affirmed, using the Arabic acronym for IS.
Also on Thursday, the US was among several nations to sign a joint communique stressing support for the internationally-recognized and newly-minted GNA.
“We reiterate our conviction that all segments of society from all Libya’s regions must find their rightful place in the political process,” the communique read.
“We call on the GNA to work urgently to restore essential services, provide humanitarian assistance, and create conditions for the safe and dignified return of internally displaced persons and refugees. We urge the GNA to resume oil production to strengthen Libya’s economy for the benefit of all Libyans.”
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco were also signatories to the text.

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