Algiers hosts 5+5 Defense Initiative meeting

Senior army officials from the 5 + 5 Defense Initiative met on Tuesday in Algiers to assess the progress of the 2016 action plan and finalize the 2017 plan.
The 5 + 5 Defense Initiative includes five Maghreb countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Mauritania and five EU countries: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Malta.
“The multilateral cooperation that brings us through these high-level meetings, exercises, seminars and projects are crucial for our effective and strong common determination to face the threats that exist in our geographical space,” Major General Salah Aoura, Director of External Relations and Cooperation at Algeria’s Defense Ministry, said in his opening speech.
He added that the worrying situation in the region and its impact on the political arena “demonstrate the necessity to preserve our achievements and continue our dialogue that reflects our aspirations for stability and security.”

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