4 militants surrender to security authorities in southern Algeria

Algerian Defense Ministry said Sunday that four armed militants surrendered to security authorities in the southern part of In Amenas near the Libyan border.
“Following the considerable counterterrorism efforts of the People’s National Army, four terrorists surrendered on Sunday to security authorities in the border area of Tarat, the military operation sector of In Amenas,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
“The terrorists were carrying four Kalashnikov submachine guns and eight full magazines,” said the statement.
The statement also noted that army troops seized two Kalashnikov submachine guns, three cartridge clips and a quantity of ammunition on Saturday, following combing operations in the southernmost part of In Guezzam.
Over the last nine months, intense anti-terrorism operations in Algeria have killed more than 100 armed militants and destroyed plenty of bunkers housing weapons and bombs.

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