Tunisia expresses will to help Libya evade division

The Tunisian President, Beiji Caid Essebsi, said his country wishes that Libya’s unity process can take effect as soon as possible, saying Tunisia is ready to provide any assistance along with Libya’s neighbouring countries, Algeria and Egypt.
In an interview with Euronews, Essebsi said Tuesday that his country’s desire is for Libya to regain its former status and prevent the division of Libyan territory because the division will result in a major catastrophe.
“And if anyone thinks of a partition of Libya, this idea has no future.” The Tunisian President added.
He indicated that the countries that have a direct and secure connection with Libya, geographically and economically are Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia, and if they all can meet in the presence of the Libyans, they could provide Libya with an important opportunity to return to normal.
Asked about the participation of Tunisians in IS groups in Libya, the Tunisian President said it is true that there are a number of Tunisians taking part in militant groups like IS, stressing that even if Tunisians wanted to return home, the government won’t prevent them, but will always run a security check on anyone returning to the country for the safety of all.

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