Algerian army destroys two terrorist bunkers in Bejaia

Two terrorist bunkers were destroyed in a combing operation carried out Sunday, in Bejaia, by a detachment of the People’s National Army said Monday, the ministry of National Defence in a communiqué.
“As part of the fight against terrorism and in a search operation carried out in Bejaia, a detachment of the People’s National Army discovered and destroyed on 5 February 2017, 2 bunkers for terrorists,” said the Ministry.
Furthermore, as part of measures to strengthen border security and the fight against organized crime, detachments of the Army and units of the National Gendarmerie “apprehended, in Al Oued (4th military region), Relizane and Tlemcen (2nd military region), six (6) drug traffickers and seized a quantity of cannabis resin amounting to two (02) quintals and forty-nine (49) kilograms, as well as 10,930 units of various drinks and three vehicles,” while another detachment of the People’s National Army seized, on 6 February 2017, in Djebel Antar, province of Bechar (3rd military region), a quantity of 175 kg of cannabis resin.”
In Tamanrasset and Bordj Badji Mokhtar (6th military region), detachments of the Army “intercepted smugglers aboard four (04) trucks, and two (02) all-terrain vehicles and seized 38 tons of foodstuffs, 4,000 litres of cooking oil, 34,628 medicine tablets, 11,520 units of detergents, 3,350 litres of fuel and four (04) metal detectors.”

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