Algeria to work for Arab League reform, peaceful resolution of crises

Algeria will work, during its term as chair of the Arab Foreign Ministers Council, for the reform of the Arab League and the peaceful settlement of Arab crises, through inclusive dialogue, the relaunch of political process and national reconciliation, said Tuesday in Cairo Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel.
In his opening address at the 147th session of Arab Foreign Ministers Council, chaired by Algeria until September 2017, Messahel said “the Arab world is going through a difficult period, marked by major challenges, threatening its stability, due to the persistence of the crises in Syria, Libya and Yemen, in addition to the suffering of the Palestinian people and the obstacles to any solution that would allow them to recover their independence and their legitimate rights.”
“This explosive situation in the region has resulted in many challenges, especially terrorism, violent extremism and the worrying expansion of criminal organizations, which are threatening the security of our countries,” he added.
In this regard, Messahel underlined the need “to combine efforts and develop a comprehensive strategy of fight against extremism, through dialogue and fight against terrorism with all possible legal and security means.”
“The deep crises shaking the Arab region showed Arab League’s failure to address and resolve conflicts, or manage unprecedented crises in the history of the region, which is threatened by foreign interference,” he said.

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