French FM talks Arab nations over Libya tensions

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has undertaken multiple contacts this week with a number of Arab nations concerning the rising tensions in Libya, Ayrault’s press office said on Thursday.
In a statement, France said that it continues to work for “a political compromise between the different Libyan parties” but that the volatile situation currently warranted a new call for all parties to work towards stability, a political solution and national reconciliation.
Ayrault’s office said that calls were placed earlier this week to the Foreign Ministers of Qatar, the UAE, Algeria and Egypt, to discuss the Libyan crisis.
“Tensions in the capital (Tripoli) and in the oil crescent are worrying,” the statement said.
France also urged that the fight against terrorism in Libya should be pursued, and this should be done in all areas of the country, but it should not “serve as a pretext for fresh violence that could bring the country into a civil war.”
The statement again urged “all forces in the country” to work within the Skhirat process that aims, among other things, to build a national army under the control of the civil authorities.
In view of recent fire-fights around Libyan oil production centres, Ayrault cautioned that only the National Oil Corporation (NOC) has competence to export Libyan oil, the Foreign Minister’s office indicated.

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