German, Algerian FMs discuss Libyan crisis

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel alongside with Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra expressed hope Tuesday that a political solution would prevail in Libya.
In a joint press conference, Gabriel said finding a political solution to the crisis in Libya is key to addressing the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.
Gabriel underlined that setting up refugee camps in Libya, as suggested by several EU member states, was “unthinkable” under current conditions.
“We can neither guarantee the security of people there, nor we can meet the standards required by the UN,” he said.
“What is necessary is to find political solutions in Libya, only in this way we can achieve stability in the country, and also reduce migrant flows from the Mediterranean to Europe,” he added.
Gabriel urged international unity in encouraging conflict parties in Libya to agree on a political solution, and criticized several countries for only pursuing their particular interests in Libya.

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