US urges UN to investigate DRC murders

The United States on Monday urged the United Nations to establish a special investigation into the murder of two UN experts who had been gathering evidence of mass graves in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
US Ambassador Nikki Haley, in Geneva for meetings of the UN Human Rights Council, also said a separate formal commission of inquiry should be set up to report on human rights violations in Kasai province.
A 16-year-old student and a 30-year-old man went on trial Monday for the murder in Kasai of American Michael Sharp and Swedish-Chilean Zaida Catalan two months ago.
The United Nations has questioned the Kinshasa government’s handling of the probe that led to the arrest of the two suspects, saying it was hastily done.
“After the tragic deaths of Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalan, they and their families deserve justice,” Haley said in a statement.
“We owe it to their legacy to end the human rights abuses being carried out by armed groups and the DRC government against the Congolese people.”

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