Afghanistan to call for more pressure on Pakistan at NATO defense ministers meeting

Afghanistan to urge “political and military” pressure on Pakistan at NATO defense ministers meeting on Wednesday in Brussels, Afghan Defense Ministry said Tuesday.
The meeting would focus on the security situation in Afghanistan, more specifically, strengthening the capability of Afghan security and defense forces and counter-terrorism as well as the number of coalition forces in the country.
Acting Afghan Defense Minister, Tariq Shah Bahrami is expected to participate in the meeting.
“Combat should be against terrorist sanctuaries that are located in south of Afghanistan, insurgents being supported and equipped there and coming to Afghanistan, therefore, more political and military pressure should be put on Pakistan,” the Deputy Spokesman of Defense Ministry, Mohammad Radmanish said.
It comes as U.S. Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford on Monday arrived in Afghanistan to finalize plan of sending additional troops in the country.

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