NATO forces in Eastern Europe are fully operational

imgNATO’s new missions in Eastern Europe, aimed at discouraging Russia from striking American allies are now “fully operational” before Russian mass drill in the region.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Thursday that the Alliance’s “forward presence is fully operational in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. This sends a clear message to any potential aggressor: Committed, we are united “.

The measures include the rotation of 4,500 soldiers by countries and training command centers in Poland and Romania that have been activated. British Air Force Royal Air Force are submitted to the support of a NATO brigade in Romania.
The measures form part of NATO’s efforts to address concerns from allies bordering Russia in the aftermath of Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. The alliance first formed a communication structure and rapid response strategy on its eastern flank and then last summer announced the four battalion deployment in the northeast.
During the first summer of the troops being fully operational, they will have a Russian-led drill on their borders, which Lithuania has already labeled a “simulated” attack on NATO.

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