US Special Presidential Envoy congratulates Iraq on liberation of Mosul

The Small Group of the Global Coalition to Defeat the so-called Islamic State (IS) meet Thursday to synthesize this week’s Coalition meetings and discuss priorities to build on the progress in Mosul and Raqqa, and to set (IS) on an irreversible and lasting path to defeat across the globe.
In his opening remarks, Special Presidential Envoy (SPE) Brett McGurk congratulated Iraq on the recent liberation of Mosul, saying that the units the Coalition trained has defeated IS in every engagement and that these units “now are the pride of Iraq.”
He said in Iraq, nearly two million people who fled IS have since returned to their homes to restore lives to their communities that was once controlled by these terrorists.
He affirmed, “the rate of returns in a post conflict environment is unprecedented historically and is a testament of what we have done as a Coalition by working together.”
Furthermore, McGurk stressed that the battle in Iraq is far from over where now the focus is to liberate remaining territories controlled by IS, saying “we will support them in their military campaign and what comes next at a humanitarian, stabilization and governance levels.”
“That is why we are here, the US requests that every member of our Coalition identify new areas in which to contribute,” he remarked.
He indicated that in the working group meetings, the UN outlined a total appeal of USD 1.3 billion for post IS humanitarian and stabilization requirements.

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