Egypt police trap and kill top militants

Egyptian police have killed two leaders of the Hasam militia in a shootout after intercepting them as they relocated to a new hideout on Cairo’s outskirts, the government said Tuesday.
The interior ministry said the two militants were “prominent leaders” of the Hasam group – an extremist movement the government accuses of having links to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
The militia ambushed a police convoy and killed three officers in May, in an attack the group claimed at the time and which the government has since also blamed on them.
Authorities learned that some of the group’s leaders were “about to move their equipment and weapons used in terrorist operations”, the ministry said.
They were planning to relocate to the hideout in a newly constructed area of New Cairo, outside the city’s main ring road, said the ministry.
Security forces acting on this information set up checkpoints on roads going to the area, it said in a statement.
A suspect car approached one of them before “its passengers opened fire” on police and the officers shot back, killing the two militants.

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