Iraq PM, Egypt FM discuss security and stability issues

Egypt is ready to help Iraq restore its security and stability as well as reconstruct Iraqi cities after the country’s recent victories over the militant group Daesh, Egypt’s foreign minister Sameh Shoukry told Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi during Shoukry’s first visit to Mosul following its liberation from Daesh.
Shoukry expressed his appreciation for the historical relations between the two countries, and said that his visit to Mosul comes as part of efforts by Egypt to intensify coordination and cooperation on all levels, according to a statement by Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid.
Shoukry said Egypt is helping Iraq restore its regional status in a way that promotes Arab countries’ ability to combat challenges that threaten their security and stability.
Shoukry also praised efforts by the Iraqi PM in working towards a national reconciliation in Iraq, as well as supporting Iraqi security apparatuses and preserving the unity and sovereignty of the country.
Al-Abadi said that Iraq’s recent victories over Daesh go towards ensuring the security of the Iraqi people and the stability of the country.
The PM also pointed out the importance of uprooting the organisation from its base in Syria so peace and security can be restored in the Arab region.
The meeting also involved discussions of issues of mutual interest as well as the outcomes of interventions by some countries in the region, including Turkey.
Egypt has affirmed its commitment to standing by Iraq in its fight against terrorism as a part of ongoing efforts by Egypt to rid the region of terrorism.

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