Afghanistan, Pakistan, US express commitment to eradicate Daesh

Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States expressed their commitment to eliminate Daesh from the region, which could best be achieved through information sharing, complementary efforts and enhanced cooperation. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the tripartite (Pakistan, Afghanistan, United States) counter Daesh and Pak-Afghan bilateral military cooperation
meetings were held at the Ministry of Defence, Kabul. A six-member high-level Pakistan military delegation headed by Pakistan Army Director General Military Operations Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza participated in the meetings.
The participants re-affirmed their resolve to continue the fight against the common threat of terrorism. Areas of mutual security interests and concerns were deliberated upon during the interaction.
In the Pak-Afghan bilateral meeting, important issues linked to cross-border fire and attacks, counter-terrorism, coordinated actions on respective sides along the Pak-Afghan border and detainees exchange were discussed.
Both the sides agreed to make progress in line with the commitments made at the recent high-level meetings and formulate an action plan, which will contribute towards improving the security along the Pak-Afghan border through enhanced cooperation. —Sabah

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