Iraqi, Kurdish troops deployed at disputed regions

Iraqi and Kurdish troops have reached an agreement on running the remaining disputed jointly, an informed source from Kurdistan was quoted saying on Monday.
After a meeting was held between delegations of Kurdistan and Iraq in Faysh Khabur, the source said, “the agreement directly tackled running the regions that are still under control of Peshmerga in Nineveh like Shaikhan, Sahila, al-Qoush, al-Mahmoudiya, Faida, Koyer, Maqloub and al-Khazer.”
“Joint troops of both sides will be deployed, along with international coalition soldiers at borders of Faysh Khabur and Ibrahim al-Khalil, near Turkey,” the source told DPA.
“Iraqi army and Peshmerga agreed also on keeping the current borders of Kurdistan and referring the issue of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports to ministers of interiors and finance of each of Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the issues related to them depending on Iraqi constitutions,” he added.

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