NATO defence ministers meeting starts in Brussels

NATO’s defense ministers’ introductory meeting began in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on Wednesday, as the allies are expected to confer on a range of issues including sending more troops to Afghanistan.
The defense ministers are to address a wide range of issues, including new commands to improve the movement of troops across the Atlantic and within Europe.
Speaking at the start of the two-day meeting, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said talks would also focus on enhancing the Alliance’s cyber defenses, North Korea’s weapons program and commitments by allies to send more military trainers to Afghanistan.
Besides other important issues, Stoltenberg said they would also talk about Afghanistan during the two-day meeting.
On the eve of the meeting, Stoltenberg said the allies had decided to increase the number of military trainers in Afghanistan by 3000, but said the fresh troops would not have a combat role.

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