Libyan gov't to form military force to secure southern Libya

Libya’s UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez Serraj on Sunday announced formation of a military force to secure southern Libya, which is witnessing tribal clashes for days.
Serraj made his announcement during a meeting with military officials to discuss the situation in southern Libya.
“The PM and Supreme Commander (of the army) stressed keenness to establish security in the south, and to prevent external interference,” the PM media office said in a statement.
“He has issued orders to … form a military force to secure and protect the southern region from all dangers, and support the government’s force in the south and work to provide all its needs,” the statement revealed.
The city of Sabha, located some 800 km south of the capital Tripoli, has been witnessing tribal fighting for days that has killed 6 people and injured 12 others so far. The fighting also displaced hundreds of people.
The city has witnessed unprecedented insecurity due to the rise in crimes and kidnappings by armed groups, as well as frequent tribal clashes.

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