New military operation to combat IS launched by Libya's Presidential Council

imgThe Presidential Council of Libya in Tripoli has announced the launch of a new military operation under the name Asifat Al-Wattan (The Nation’s Storm), which it says will be targeting terrorists across Libya.
The PC Head’s spokesman, Mohammed El Sallak, announced on Monday in a presser the kickoff of the military operation, which he said was ordered by the commander in chief of the army.
“The operation covers the area from 60km checkpoint in eastern Misrata passing through Bani Walid suburbs, Tarhouna, Misallata, Al-Khumus and Zlitin. It will be commanded by Anti-Terror Force and will aim to end IS militants’ presence.”
El Sallak also said that, regarding the siege on Derna by Khalifa Haftar’s forces, the PC looks always for peaceful options and hates resorting to military escalation, which he said the PC leaves as its last card because what harms civilians and the city’s infrastructure is totally rejected.
“We always urge for wisdom in resolving Derna crisis. We support peace and reject the presence of terrorism and extremism across Libya.” He further explained.
He said the Head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sirraj, welcomes any efforts that aim to build bridges among Libyans, hailing the recent reconciliation between Misrata and Zintan. It also urged for comprehensive national reconciliation in Libya, alluding to the need to solve Tawergha-Misrata entanglement so they can return to their city.

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